How does one profit in the Forex market?
Posted by Homi .M on 17 August 2012 03:36 PM
    Forex market 
Obviously, buy low and sell high!
Forex market is a place where profits can be made as well as losses.
Profits are made in the Forex market by anyone who trades currency and all you need for this is a computer, internet connection and some capital. It seems simple but to make great profits you have to be a dedicated trader who studies the market constantly and trades intelligently.
The trader has to be patient and correct in his decisions to earn profits. 
The profit potential comes from the fluctuations (changes) in the currency exchange market. Unlike the stock market, where shares are purchased, Forex trading doesn't require physical purchase of the currencies, but rather involves contracts for amount and exchange rate of currency pairs.
The advantageous thing about the Forex market is that regular daily fluctuations - in the regular currency exchange markets, often around 1% - are multiplied by 100! (FxGlory offers trading ratios from 1:100 to 1:3000).
A factor that allows traders to make money by trading is the concept of leverage. Depositing $1000 in order to buy a Forex contract with the value of $100000 a client needs "Leverage" at 1:100 ratio. $1000 is all you invest and all you risk, but the gains you can make may be many times greater.
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Regnault Bamiji
03 June 2015 05:13 PM
I deposited $109 USD into my account and will want to trade with Oil CLN5. I gave me credit of 54.40 USD making a total of 163.50 USD. can you please give a an example if I am to invest the 163.50 USD in CLN5, that is how to invest and make profit from this. I have been operating with XCFD Brokers, I seems to understand their system, I seems not to fully understand how your own, I need to understand this before investing huge amount in the business.
Looking forward to your response in this regards.

Best regards,

Madona .Z
04 June 2015 12:01 PM
Please, send us an email to [email protected] our support team will answer all your questions.