How can I deposit using the Cash app?
Posted by Chat History on 17 May 2023 02:54 PM

First, please make sure that you have set up a CashApp account with enough cash for the planned deposit before starting the procedure. You can also add cash to your cash app in case it is needed.

Step 1: Send a Deposit Request to FxGlory

  1. Log into your "Client Cabinet”.
  2. To begin the deposit procedure, choose the 'deposit' option under the 'finance'
  3. You will see a number of drop-down menus when you first access the deposit section. Choose the exact account you want to fund.
  4. Choose "CryptoCurrency" from the second drop-down menu.
  5. Choose "Bitcoin (instant)" from the third drop-down menu.
  6. Enter the exact amount you want to deposit into your FxGlory account in the drop-down that appears next.
  7. Please read the agreement section's terms and conditions before checking the box next to it to show that you agree to them.
  8. Select 'Make payment' to finish the deposit request. The system will create a deposit request as a result of this activity.
  9. After you make the deposit request, a new page will open with all the information you need. It will show you the wallet address where you should send your bitcoin funds. Make sure to write down this address carefully because you'll need it for the next step.

Step 2: Transfer Funds from CashApp to FxGlory

  1. Launch the CashApp app, then click the "Money" tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the Bitcoin tile
  3. Tap the "Airplane" button, which represents a transfer, on the Bitcoin transaction screen.
  4. Select 'Send Bitcoin'.
  5. Enter the recipient's BTC address (the wallet address produced from your deposit request on the FxGlory platform) and the amount (the quantity must be the same as what you were given by FxGlory).
  6. Click 'Next'
  7. Select the transaction speed that suits your preferences.
  8. Finally, tap 'Confirm & Send'

Your deposit request will be processed once these processes are finished, and once the transaction is recorded on the blockchain, your FxGlory account will be credited.

In case you don't find the answer for a question that interests you in this section or in the Knowledgebase, please contact the Client support department via live chat or request for a callback.

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