When is hedging considered as scalping?
Posted by Lydia .A on 14 August 2015 03:38 PM

While defining scalp as the closing time of the position minus the opening time of the position in a short period of time, hedging with the same volume and in the short period of time means locking the other position, and it is considered scalping. 

In another word, when you open a buy position and in a few seconds or minutes you open a sell position with the same volume, it means that you closed your first position using the second one, and it will be scalp too.

Considering that hedging in one account is allowed, please make sure that you open the second position at least 7 minutes after the first one. 

In other words, hedging is considered scalping when you open the second trade in less than 7 minutes after opening the first one. In fact, by opening the opposite trade in less than 7 minutes, you are closing the first trade in less than 7 minutes, which is scalping.

MT5 is a good example that does not allow you to do this action also.



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