Withdrawal Fees and Limitations
Posted by Paul .W on 31 October 2013 04:59 PM
Please note that the general rule regarding withdrawal is that to withdraw, you have to use the same method you already used to fund your account.
If you deposited by Credit/Debit card, check this link out on how to withdraw: How to withdraw when I used Credit/Debit card to deposit?
Also, The minimum withdrawal by card is $10.
- As it is shown in the table below, the minimum withdrawal by Neteller is $5. Withdrawal fee depends on your amount of withdrawal. If you withdraw less than $50, withdrawal fee is $3 + 4% of your withdrawal amount. But for withdrawal more than $50, that is just 4% of your withdrawal amount.
- Withdrawal fee by “Wire Transfer” is $30 and the minimum amount of withdrawal is $100.
- Withdrawal fee by " PayPal" is not fixed and depends on many factors. If you are interested to know about the exact amount, you can contact our finance team by sending an email to: and ask about it before sending your withdrawal request. 
- Withdrawal fee for amounts less than $50 via all other methods is $3 and the minimum amount of withdrawal is $5.

Minimum Deposit
Minimum Withdrawal
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Wire Transfer
Credit/Debit Card
WD < $300= 5%
Not fixed 0% to 4%
WD < $50 = $3 + 4%, WD >$50 = 4% 
Perfect Money
WD < $50 = $3
WD < $50 = $3
WD < $50 = $3
WD < $50 = $3
Not fixed 0% to 10%
 Please Note: 
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal via all e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill etc.) is $50 for clients whose balance is more than $50 and for those whose balance is less than this amount is as much as their balance.
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal via Credit/Debit card is $100 for clients whose balance is more than $100 and for those whose balance is less than $100 is as much as their balance.
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal by Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin is $5. Please note that there could be a withdrawal fee up to 10% in this withdrawal method which is decided based on not misusing our promotion on deposit by crypto-currencies and the client’s trading behaviour.
In case you don't find the answer for a question that interests you in this section or in the Knowledgebase, please contact the Client support department via live chat or request for a callback.
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Comments (6)
Johan v Wyk
05 June 2015 05:39 PM
I made a withdraw to Skrill of $179 but it was rejected and the reason was the amount is to small.

What must it be?
Homi .M
08 June 2015 11:26 AM
A client can withdraw his/her equity minus credit. In order to know how much exactly you can withdraw, please contact us via email to:
Mauricio W.
30 June 2015 08:41 PM
Its been over 24 hours since I requested my withdrawal via paypal on a business day. Please explain.
Madona .Z
08 July 2015 03:15 PM
Hello Mauricio,
Your withdrawal request is done. Withdrawal process takes 1-24 hours, but sometimes it needs a little bit more to be checked. Usually, It is done from our side in less than even 24 hours.
07 June 2016 10:19 AM
My account number is 34116.
I have deposited 3000 USD with my credit card via Gate 1.
I have gained 61.35 USD and I have done a withdrawal request for 3061.35 USD on 2016-05-24.

The sum of money arrived on my credit card are only 3000 USD.

I've also talked to my bank operator and he said you have applied a commission of 5 USD, which I think it's not due.

Could you please clarify?
Anna .T
08 June 2016 01:20 PM
Generally a withdrawal process by card takes some specified time due to the merchant policy and bank process. Also, there is no withdrawal fee for an amount that you requested. Please send an email to in order to have your request re-checked and receive guidance.